International roundtable for the semiotics of law, language, religion, discrimination spaces and lexical imaginaries for ubiquitous justice

Data Evento: 25 maggio 2023

Spaces and lexical imaginaries for ubiquitous justice

Chair: Robert Kahn
Co-chairs: Giorgia Baldi and Zakeera Docrat


1 – Baldi Giorgia, Secular law and Religious Affects
2 – Bilotti Domenico, Have You Come Here for Forgiveness? The risks and the duties of a culturalreligious
conception in reparative justice
3 – D’Arienzo Maria, Religious pluralism and Semiotics of Italian Church/State Legal Experience
4 – Docrat Zakeera and Kashula Russel, Cultural and Linguistic Prejudices Experienced by
African Language Speaking Witnesses and Legal Practitioners at the Hands of Judicial Officers in South
African Courtroom Discourse: A case study of the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial.
5 – Hauksson-Tresch Nathalie, What is a religious sign? A study of the challenges presented by the
concept of the ostentatious religious sign
6 – Hightower Ben, Refugees ‘In Limbo’: from media frames to legal claims
7 – Kahn Robert, The Semiotics of Critical Race Theory, Bans, and Memory Laws
8 – Keeney Gavin, Ideational Franciscanism + Rights
9 – Ondřej Glogar, The Use of Language Corpora in Legal Interpretation
10 – Panjwani Imranali, The role of a Country Expert in Deepening the Semiotic Inquiry of Religious,
Cultural and Linguistic Terms in Asylum and Human rights Cases
11 – Richard Powell, Practitioners across Jurisdictions: Discursive and Linguistic Differences Reported
by Malaysian Bijural Lawyers
12 – Rinaldi Patrizia, The Name Is the Meaning: Language Used For The So-Called ‘MENA’
13 – Sousa-Silva Rui, ‘We attempted to deliver your package’: Forensic translation in the fight against
cross-border cybercrime

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